Attention smokers: Do NOT use another lighter until you see this...
"If This Lighter Had Legs, It Would Steal Your Girlfriend... It's THAT Smooth"
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Dear Fellow Smoker,

If you want a lighter you can use in any weather condition, is safe for your lungs and the environment, and is 100% rechargeable, then this will be the most exciting news you'll read all day. 

Here's why: Thanks to the breakthrough patent-pending PrismaLight Technology, we've created a flameless lighter that doesn't use butane or nasty fluid, and runs on batteries, so you can use it over and over again.

The result? A lighter that's safer for your body and better for the environment compared to any cheap disposable lighter. And best of all, it lights just as well if not better than high-end Zippo lighters. 

This new Prizmatic-X dual-beam lighter is the most badass lighter ever. Here's why smokers all over the country are switching over to it.

  • Flameless and windproof, so you can light up even in the harshest weather conditions- including rain!
  • Lights practically everything from cigarettes to bowls to cigars and pipes
  • Heats up to 900 degrees for a smooth smoking experience
  • Rechargeable via USB and each charge lasts up to 50-100 lights
  • No butane so it's safer for your health as well as the environment 

If you're still using ordinary disposable or Zippos lighters then pay attention very closely to what I'm about to say:

"Using The Wrong Type Of Lighter Almost KILLED Me"

Hi, my name is Jonathan Saunders and I am the creator of the Prizmatic-X flameless lighter. My team and I have invested thousands of dollars into designing, creating and testing this new windproof and rechargeable lighter. And it's NOT because I wanted to, but because I desperately HAD to. 

Let me explain: I started smoking since age 18. Cigarettes, cigars and even marijuana (don't worry, I have a medical card). There's nothing like the enjoyable and relaxing feeling of lighting up after a long days work.

However, I always hated how hard it was to smoke outside with a regular disposable lighter. Whenever it was windy, it would take forever to light up. It was such a hassle it made smoking less enjoyable. 

I also went through dozens of disposable lighters. Friends kept taking mine. I would leave them outside. It was annoying making a trip to 7-11 every other week just to buy a stupid lighter. 

However, being able to smoke in windy weather and always having to buy new lighters were just minor inconveniences. The main reason I no longer use disposables is...

My name is Jonathan Saunders and I invented the Prizmatic-X lighter, not because I wanted to but I desperately HAD to...

"An Experience That Still Haunts Me To This Day"

It was my 21st birthday. I was celebrating with some friends at a local bar. I craved a smoke and went to the outside patio area. I pulled out my disposable lighter and tried lighting my cigarette. It didn't work. I tried a few more times, but still no dice. I shook the lighter to try to spread the fluid around, and pressed the trigger even harder.

I never saw it coming. Suddenly, the lighter exploded into a giant fireball. Yes, you read that right. It literally exploded. I felt excruciating pain in my hand and face. I screamed for help and fell to the ground, unable to stand on my own. That was the last thing I remember. 

I woke up a hospital bed. I felt stabbing pains in my right hand, chin and neck. A few minutes later, the doctor came over and debriefed me on what happened. The lighter, it turns out, exploded due to a manufacturing malfunction. The fluid caught on fire and exploded. I was lucky I survived, with only 3rd degree burns on my hand, wrist, neck and chin. 

I was discharged from the hospital 3 weeks later, with major scarring on my body. I didn't look as handsome as before, but at least I survived. When I fully recovered, I was furious this "malfunction" almost cost me my life.

Little did I know, I was about to uncover...

A Massive Nation-Wide Scandal Killing and Injuring Smokers Everywhere"

I started researching disposable lighter accidents and was mortified at what I discovered. 

Since 1979, Bic disposable lighters have caused over 10 deaths and over a hundred injuries due to lighter malfunctions. 

Despite a growing casualty list, scores of lawsuits and millions of dollars paid in settlements, Bic continues to make over 250 million lighters a year. Why? Because they have boatloads of money to pay off the government regulatory department: the CSP (Consumer Product Safety commission).

Here are just a few of the hundreds diasters caused by cheap disposable lighters:

  • In 1979, 11-year-old Sonny Reed of Washington County, Va., flicked a Bic lighter he found in his house. It exploded. Pieces of the lighter's black plastic casing were imbedded in his forehead, said Robert T. Copeland, his attorney
  • In Tampa, the family of Jack A. Morris, 76, has sued Bic in state Circuit Court, alleging that Morris died on Oct. 30, 1984, after a Bic lighter erupted in a ball of fire and burned him over 40 percent of his body
  • 66-year-old Ethel Smith was killed when a Bic lighter she was using exploded, covering her with flames. Even her husband was badly burned while trying to save his wife.

In the United States, there have been at least 300 complaints or lawsuits filed about Bic lighters, according to records from courts, the safety.

"It's a little bomb," said Patrick M. Kennedy, who holds a doctorate in fire engineering and works for a family-owned firm in Chicago that investigates fires and explosions. "The lighter may work properly for 100, 150 lights . . . but all of a sudden it fails."

When Bic itself tested lighters right off the assembly line in 1983, 1.2 percent of the lighters tested failed to shut off properly, according to a document from a recent lawsuit. If that failure rate held at Bic's current production level, that would mean three million lighters a year.

I felt horrible others had to go through the same paid I did. I quickly realized it was...

"My Duty To Save Others From These 'Mini-Bombs' Disguised As Disposable Lighters"

I was shocked this major scandal was allowed to happen under our government's watch. I couldn't believe these companies were still in business. (I later discovered they settled dozens of lawsuits by paying the families millions of dollars.)

I was so outraged I demanded all my friends avoid BIC lighters. They agreed, but were still using other disposable brands which posed the same risk. I knew I had to do something about it. I couldn't let any of my friends or loved ones go through the pain and horror I did.

I knew I had to create a better alternative.

Over the next 5 months, I met with a team of fire and electrical engineers to design the world's first flameless lighter. A lighter that uses electricity instead of butane to deliver a smooth smoking experience. A lighter that is rechargeable, so it will last decades, not weeks.

The result of those 5 months of laborious work was a revolutionary lighter that's changing the way people smoke. I named it the Prizmatic-X because the light colors look like a prism. 

At first, I hooked up my friends and family who smoked. I even gave some away to those who didn't smoke because they thought it was just damned cool. Pretty soon, word got out around my small town of Fresno, California, and everyone and their moms started hitting me up for one. 

Now, the design and functionality has improved drastically since the first prototype. And due to more efficient manufacturing methods, we can sell them for much less than before, while maintaining the same standard of quality.

Introducing: The Prizmatic-X Flameless, Windproof and Rechargable Lighter

After many months of designing, planning, testing, redesigning and more testing, my engineering team and I have created a lighter you can use in any weather condition. It's safer for your lungs and the environment because it's butane-free. It's 100% rechargeable- so you can use it over and over again. 

But most importantly, there's no major risk to your safety like regular disposables.

Since showing this off online, smokers all over the country have abandoned their cheap disposables- and even their expensive Zippos- in favor of this new flameless lighter. 

The Prizmatic-X is...

  • Flameless and windproof, so you can light up even in the harshest weather conditions- including rain!
  • Lights practically everything from cigarettes to bowls to cigars and pipes
  • Heats up to 900 degrees for a smooth smoking experience
  • Rechargeable via USB and each charge lasts up to 50-100 lights
  • No butane so it's safer for your health as well as the environment 
  • TSA-Approved so you can bring it on the plane with you when you travel
Even Doctors Agree The Prizmatic-X is Better For Your Health Than Ordinary Lighters
Dr. Albert Sullivan, M.D., Ph.D., recommends the Prizmatic-X lighter over ordinary disposable lighters

Doctor Albert Sullivan, M.D., Ph.D.,  explains why the Prizmatic-X is safer than ordinary disposable lighters, 

"During my career as a ER doctor at the California Northshore Hospital, I've seen at least a dozen burn injuries and deaths related to Bic disposable lighters. The quality control on these lighters is poor, because they are so cheap to manufacture. As a result, defects in their manufacturing or design cause these disposable lighters to ignite into fireballs or even explode."

"While I still do not endorse smoking, the Prizematic-X lighter is what I would recommend if someone were to do it. This lighter is powered by electricity, not dangerous lighter fluids. That not only makes it safer for your lungs but also reduces the risk of explosive injuries." 

Because it's summer, I'm slashing the prices for the Prizmatic-X lighters. I'm doing this because more people smoke in the summer (that's a fact), so there is an increased chance of injury or death with disposable lighter. 

I'm offering them at a heavy discount because I want every smoker to try one of these, fall in love and tell their friends about it. That's more satisfied customers and less injuries in the long run.

Here is my offer, if you act today:

Limited Time Sale Up To 57% Off: Choose How Many You Want
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I know you'll love the Prizmatic-X Lighter so much I'm offering a 100% iron-clad money back guarantee: If you are unhappy with the Prizmatic-X lighter for absolutely ANY reason at all, simply send my support team an email and you will get a full refund within 48-72 hours. No hassles, no questions asked.
FREE Shipping & Handling!

So check out the Prizmatic-X lighter. There's absolutely no risk. 

If it's not the most badass, coolest lighter you've ever used, then I'll refund your order, no questions asked. That's how confident I am you'll fall in love with it.

Best regards,

Jonathan Saunders, Founder of Prizmatic-X Lighter

P.S. Since 1979, Bic disposable lighters have caused over 10 deaths and hundreds of injuries. Most people think it will never happen to them, and I thought the same until I was seriously injured by one. Protect yourself and your loved ones by using the Prizmatic-X a lighter fluid-free alternative. 

P.S.S. Because it's summer and more people are smoking, I'm offering these lighters for up to 57% off when you buy 6 or more. This deal won't last long, so act today before they sell out. (As of right now, we have less than 71 in stock until September 2016.)

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"Couldn't be happier with my purchase"

Works great no problems, you can charge this with your cell phone charger or the USB port on your computer. No lighter fluid or butane. - Jason Thompson

"The Year 2020 Lighter"

I received my lighter in the mail, and this is the most stylish piece ever. The non butane feature is so cool to me. Hate to inhale gas, and you will never do that with the electric lighter. 

Dont even trip if youre sceptical, these things are super low cost, and plug into your computer or cell phone charger to charge up. That's makes is good for a long time. Now, the bad thing is, is that lighters get lost and stolen all the time. I'd hate to lose this one or get jacked for this one. It's a conversation piece for sure...haha!!! - Derek D

"Perfect for windy days"

This is a great lighter! It came fully charged so I have yet to recharge it. It will be perfect for windy beach trips! - Nathalie L
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